Jonathan Gunn

Physician Employment Contract Review Serving Metro Chicago and all of Illinois

Physician employment contracts can be complicated. Unfortunately, not all agreements are fair. Are the contractual terms usual and customary? Are the post-employment restrictions reasonable and enforceable? Which terms are negotiable? What about tail malpractice coverage? How do I negotiate with a physician employer? An experienced physician employment contract attorney can help sort out these and other issues. An "ounce of prevention" really is worth a pound of cure. A lawyer experienced with physician employment agreements can help avoid conflicts and expensive disputes. Mr. Gunn has personally handled more than 600 physician employment contracts. He regularly teaches residents and fellows and edits the chapter on physician employment contracts within the Law of Medical Practice in Illinois.

About Jonathan S. Gunn

Mr. Gunn is an attorney with more than 30 years of healthcare experience. He has personally handled more than 600 physician employment contract agreements. Since 1994, Mr. Gunn has been a licensed attorney, concentrating in representing doctors and healthcare law. His extensive experience includes defending physicians in medical malpractice actions and reviewing and negotiating physician employment contracts and agreements. Mr. Gunn has a B.A. from Drake University, an M.I.C.T. from the University of Kansas and a J.D. from the John Marshall Law School. He edits a chapter on physician employment contract agreements in The Law of Medical Practice in Illinois, a legal textbook. Crain’s Chicago Business has consulted and quoted Mr. Gunn on the topic of physician employment contracts. Mr. Gunn teaches physician employment agreements to residents and fellows at leading teaching/research hospitals in Chicago. Mr. Gunn handles physician employment contract reviews in metro Chicago and throughout all of Illinois.